Torsion weeder

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Torsion weeder


The torsion weeder is easy to mount on existing inter-row cultivators, and consists of two flexible tines tilted towards each other, which undercut weeds close to the crop row with a vibrating and dragging movement. The intensity of the process is adjusted by changing the working depth and position of the tines vis-Ó-vis the ground surface.
Because of its simple design, this mechanical weeder is relatively inexpensive.

All this, as well as the good test results in agriculture, 
horticulture, arboriculture, and ornamental plant cultivation and the tobacco industry, make the torsion weeder a very interesting tool for improving in-row weed control. A demonstrative test involving various crops also showed excellent results. A single cultivation with the torsion weeder reduced the proliferation of weeds by 85%.

Observations approximately one week after cultivation also showed that fewer weeds had re-emerged in the row cultivated with the torsion weeder. This indicates that more intensive in-row weed control has a positive effect on weed pressure.


The torsion weeder has two flexible tines on each side of the crop row. The tines are slightly tilted so that they drag along the crop row. The driving speed pushes the tines outwards to the sides, so that they do not damage the crop. The vibrating tines, which go approximately two centimetres deep, break up the soil and uproot the weeds.

Torsion weeder


  • Efficient uprooting, also of relatively large weeds.

  • Inexpensive

  • Easily adjustable to any type of cultivator


The torsion weeder was tested by PAV in Lelystad, the Netherlands, in 1998 and 1999.
Weed control (%) in leek set in clay and sandy soils, Torsion weeder.

Leek Iceberg lettuce

Clay Sand Clay Sand

Cultivation + Torsion weeder

88 92 86 93


96 99 63 96

Torsion weeder holder with bar 
Torsion weeder tine (Left)
Torsion weeder tine (Right)
Assembly kit/set of bolts including special regulating discs 

2 types of tines dependent on type of soil and crop: 7mm - 9mm
tree nurseries: 9 mm

Prices excluding VAT.
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Complete schoffelmachine met vingerwieders en/of torsiewieders.
Euro 94,95 excl. Vat/Tax
earth up tool Euro 29,70 excl.Vat/Tax
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